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    Server features?


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    Server features? - Page 2 Empty Re: Server features?

    Post by Mitch on Fri May 11, 2012 5:03 pm

    Less of a sausage fest LOLOL.
    Some good things in a server though are more mini-games, hard bosses, level required areas, a motive such as hard armor to get or a strong level boss to reach. Razz

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    Server features? - Page 2 Empty Re: Server features?

    Post by Iceman on Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:56 pm

    Cagedog and i have been talking about mining. As we

    together, we came up with these idea's.

    She suggested mining bosses. Maybe a sereis of bosses, that when killed drop certain clusters. Not super hard drops, but not like theyre free either. One boss could drop inferno clusters, and another that drops bolt clusters, and again for tundra, clusters.

    She explained that we could then get normal exp, while getting the chance to gain ore. In a situation were you just wanna work on one item, such as inferno. Yet still go mining when you want to lvl up your mining skill.

    I thought this was a cool idea.

    Another idea I thought of was maybe a craftable axe that could be made out of each ore. Like you could craft a bolt pick axe, and mine only bolt ore. But make it a tuff craft to make. Then she suggested a goldy pick axe, that lets you mine up to 4 or 5 ores at once.

    I wont write a book here, but it seems like it just takes ssooo long to mine lvl up. Anyway, as always Love this servre,and see you in the game Smile

    Oh, shizzzz - PS - one quick thing.

    I would like to see craftable jewlry, or items, that would give exp bonuses. Like a ring that adds 5% to exp gained. You know, something along these lines, but make these items crazy hard to craft,..or gain. I was just thinking because we can RB on this server, and this idea would be cool

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