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    A wishlist, Of mine.


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    A wishlist, Of mine. Empty A wishlist, Of mine.

    Post by Jeev on Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:44 am

    Hi, My name is Jeev many of you may know me from Main Server or perhaps Bones-Underground. Gave this server a try a few days ago as I see Crysis is actually trying to create a Game Server without stealing others art work like most people usually tend to do. I'm glad, and hope your server will succeed. A few things I think you should add to the game and forums.

    Add to game:

    Devil Gate- 1 or 2 servers had this. Devil Gate is a spawn event where if you choose to join you type #devil and it warps you. There is like 10-15 different npc's if you finish all rounds you receive a prize. Event happens every hour or so. I think to make it different we could call it Eternal Gate, perhaps?

    (I'll add more to my wishlist to the game server, as I think of more.)

    Add to Forums:

    Wishlist- Server forums needs a wishlist section where players can share what needs to be added to the game or what they wish can be added.

    Admin applications- This doesn't have to be added just yet but I thought I'd just share. Maybe, a guild of how your application has to be when you apply to be part of the staff.

    Top Player List- I think online or on the forums their should be a list for the top players,top guilds, and so.

    (Few things I wish to be added, you don't have to add these features, just I wish it would as the server develop's


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    A wishlist, Of mine. Empty Re: A wishlist, Of mine.

    Post by Rut on Tue May 01, 2012 12:54 am

    As for the devil gate event. I personally never did it. But I honestly dont think we should do the exact same thing here. Maybe build off the idea and make it more original. As for the forum/site ideas. In time yea. Those will be added Razz

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