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    Rules and Regulations.


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    Rules and Regulations. Empty Rules and Regulations.

    Post by Crysis on Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:27 pm

    A quick simplistic list of the rules of the server. It will be very laid back, and a majority of punishments will only be accessed for tampering with the playability of the game.

    1. No begging admins for items or levels. This also goes for begging other players.
    2. There is no true "scamming." If a player somehow scams you, it is your fault that you fell for the obvious scam. Always double check trades, and never drop your items. Don't always believe other players "events" unless it is sponsored by an administrator.
    3. No autoing, hacking, spamming, or abusing bugs and/or glitches. This rule is pretty much self explanatory. Don't tamper with the playability of the game. We made the game so you can play it and have fun, not so it can be ruined by unnecessary actions. If you are attacking, and not responding to an admin, this is considered autoing. There is zero tolerance for autoing.
    4. Admins have the ability to choose between what they believe is right and wrong. One admin may punish you for doing something, and another admin may not. We trust our admins' judgement in the scenario. They will do what they deem necessary in any given situation, it's their job.
    5. There is no clear rule for harassment here. If you get into an argument with another player, stick with it and defend yourself. Admins will only intervene if they deem it necessary. Meaning there is no true definition to sexual, racial harassment etc., depending on the severity of the case. Obviously, if you start typing racial slurs at a play constantly, or in a evident demeaning way, action will be taken. Also, if you're stalking someone to the extent that it bothers them, action will be taken.
    6. "Trolling" is allowed here to a specific extent. As long as it doesn't extend to life threats, or any other extremes, action will be taken depending on the severity of the case.
    7. No lying to admins about how something happened. If you are caught lying to an admin, consequences are strong.
    8. No selling or trading items for any other currency besides in-game gold. Easy to understand, no real life money or other games currencies. Also, no buying or selling accounts.
    9. Don't advertise for other games or private servers. Don't post IP addresses repeatedly.
    10. No creating new accounts or using other accounts in an attempt to bypass a ban/jail/punishment. Most bans will be IP.
    11. No posting explicit links to nudity/porn on forum/global/in-game. We all know its out there, no need to broadcast it.
    12. Players must pay if they lose an arena/pk bet, or any other type of in-game bet. This rule only applies if an administrator is overseeing the match, so notify an admin about whats going on, and they'll be glad to help. If an admin is not online, be cautious, and take screenshots.
    13. Do not "farm game tickets" in arena or PK. This applies to any sort of cheating to gain game tickets. You must get them by literally playing arena and PKing. This includes multiclienting, letting someone kill you, etc.
    14. Do not multiclient in order to gain an advantage in anything. Multiclienting itself is allowed, but if you're using the second client to cheat, it is not. This applies to using it to gain game tickets, block bosses/enemies from attacking you, etc.

    There are no set punishments for the rules at the current time(they may be set later on). A majority of them will follow the path of 1-2 mutes, 2-3 jails, then ban. Any tampering will result in a definite ban, time limits depending on the severity.

    Just play the game like it supposed to be played and we will have close to no punishments.

    Note: The rules may be changed or altered at anytime.

    Also, fun rule, this is just a joke lol:
    "Last Rule: No associating with or helping banished players/administrators.

    Note: This rule applies to both administrators and players. Banished players/administrators include; Important, Devil, Aevenguard, Sniper, Chaosdog/Trent, Sunnburst, Zamerain, Qwerf, Plasmastar/Jamie, Jimmyee, Apollo, Ananas, Bone, Sensation/Heather, Rukario, Natalia, Crysis/Explicit, Fallenoath/Mitaku, Jiimmy, Kinti, and Alicia/Eden/Brandon.

    Punishment: Player or administrator is permanently banned and deleted on first offense. Your IP and HDID will be blocked, and all your characters will be deleted without warning. Breaking this rule means you are banished from Fallen Evolution."

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